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Our company was born out of a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to delivering the highest quality services. We have been operating in the market for many years, gaining valuable experience and the trust of our clients. We specialize in electrical work and minor renovations, ensuring that every job is done reliably, on time, and in line with the client's expectations. We are always ready to take on new challenges and adapt our services to individual needs. Our team consists of qualified professionals who approach their work with passion, continually improving their qualifications. By choosing our services, you opt for professionalism, quality, and the assurance that your project is in good hands!


Sample Pricing

Dismantling of a winged water meter with a diameter of 15-20 mm

16.23 PLN / piece

Dismantling of a kitchen sink

16.23 PLN / set

Dismantling of washbasin and sink faucets, washing machine valve

40.11 PLN / piece

Dismantling of galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 15-20 mm

9.11 PLN / 1 meter

Dismantling of cast iron sewage pipe with a diameter of 50-100 mm

14.81 PLN / 1 meter

Boring holes in 2 1/2-inch brick walls

117 PLN / piece

Boring holes in 1 1/2-inch brick walls

48.15 PLN / piece

Bricking up and filling openings in brick walls

67.14 PLN / piece

Dismantling of a gas heater - remnants after dismantling

66 PLN / piece

Dismantling of a 3-4 burner gas kitchen with an oven

42.13 PLN / piece

Testing of internal gas installation for pressure

130 PLN / set

Chiseling out wooden and steel window sills from the wall

36.79 PLN / 1 meter


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50-128 Wrocław

+48 880 544 823


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